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  • Where did the name 'Apostrophy' come from?
    There are several reasons why Apostrophy is named and spelled the way it is. Here are just two of the reasons why: 1 - In certain languages the apostrophe shows possession -- part of the Apostrophy mission is to let people get back to owning their privacy. 2 - In certain languages, the "Y" is often considered a semivowel (recall grade school) -- this super power (bifurcation) of the the letter Y mimics the dual regions (Domus and Piazza) that the AphyOS purports. The Domus represents the "home" and the feeling of being safe within ones home. The Piazza represents the "public space" one enters yet can still feel safe knowing that the AphyOS is giving you optimal opportunity to protect your data from being surreptitiously taken - it represents "choice".
  • Why is it called AphyOS?
    The name "AphyOS" came about as a shortened version of its parent "Apostrophy". Further, it was meant to simplify the on-device naming convention used for Software Version control.
  • Which handset makers (OEM's) are currently using the AphyOS?
    Today, there are several European-based brands that will announce launch plans within 2023 of phones that will come loaded with the AphyOS. Apostrophy does not comment on devices that are not publicly announced by a partner.
  • If AphyOS is not Google, what is the operating system based on?
    AphyOS is based on GrapheneOS ( Please follow the link to the GrapheneOS website to learn more it, it's history, and it's future development plans.
  • What is ""
    "" is the main URL used to designate an Apostrophy user. Apostrophy is a set of secure services that include both the mobile OS (AphyOS) and the backend services (e.g. Aphy Email, VPN, Secure Storage, Secure Calendar, Notes, To-Do Lists, to name a few).
  • What is Apostrophy?
    The BUSINESS: Apostrophy is a Swiss mobile tech company that prioritises personal data sovereignty. The increasing European stance on data use is leading-edge, and Switzerland leads the world in the convergence of law and tech in this space. The location of Apostrophy is intentional: It speaks to the company’s commitment to policies that cannot be met in Silicon Valley or any other location that has not integrated its laws and technology to meet the needs of the people. The SOLUTION: Apostrophy is a combination of a secure mobile operating system (AphyOS) and a set of back-end personal information management and security services. The service hardware and operations are all managed within Switzerland by a team of security experts. A large part of the OS and the back-end services build upon the accomplishments of the open source software community.
  • What are the 4 Pillars (the 4 P's) of Apostrophy I heard about?
    For the past few years it has become apparent that the world needed a system reboot when it comes to data privacy. For decades we've told to "think different"; now, Apostrophy wants us to "think again". That's where the Apostrophy story picks up -- the company aimed to build an entire ecosystem aimed at putting the digital needs of the people first. The goal was to find a way to remind and educate people that their digital privacy, their digital persona, their digital footprint had massive value and it was being taken from them with a simple click on the "Terms & Conditions". This setup of circumstances led to the four guiding principles of the Apostrophy ecosystem; PEOPLE, PRIVACY, PLANET, and PRODUCTIVITY. Apostrophy found a way to put people first and protect their data sovereignty - by default! The planet is strongly considered within the AphyOS itself. The additions made by the company to the App Developer program and the OS allow people to better understand the impact each application has on the planet; and, finally, productivity -- challenged with finding a way to not impact end user access to any Android applications was a critical part of the solution.
  • How do I setup an "" account and start using the Apostrophy services?
    Anybody can use the Apostrophy service without having an AphyOS phone; however, having both means that one is taking full advantage of the Apostrophy ecosystem. Visitors will soon be able to sign up for an account. Please check back regularly for an update on the launch.
  • Why does Apostrophy charge a monthly (or yearly) subscription fee?
    Personal data privacy is paramount for Apostrophy. To this end, the company places the value of a person's personal data back in their control. Today, if you purchase and use Android with (Google's) GMS, you pay with your data and your privacy. If you go with AphyOS you place value on your data and privacy and can make the choice to pay for the that (versus having it taken from you). It's similar to where a person may pay for car insurance to protect themselves, their property, and others, or may pay for security systems to keep your home or business safe (it's a large industry). Think about how people to protect their online identity. Why not give people the OPTION, the CHOICE, to protect their greatest asset in the ever-evolving digital world -- their data.
  • Which services does Apostrophy support as part of the OS and standalone?
    Apostrophy offers many of the key personal information management services used every day by users around the globe. These include, but are not limited to: Email - served exclusively through the domain, secure, encrypted, hosted, and stored in Switzerland. Can be synced with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices (to name a few). Web Interface: YES AphyOS Preload: YES Calendar - part of the offering, your calendar can by synced with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices (to name a few). Web Interface: YES AphyOS Preload: YES Secure Storage - shared storage for your emails, attachments, media, etc. is available as part of the base offering with . Web Interface: YES AphyOS Preload: YES AphyOS VPN - a mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is provided on an AphyOS mobile device and is included as part of the base offering with . Web Interface: NO AphyOS Preload: YES Notes - a "Notes" application features is included as part of the base offering with and integrates with all your Aphy applications. Web Interface: YES AphyOS Preload: YES To-Do List - a "To-Do List" application features is included as part of the base offering with and integrates with all your Aphy applications. Web Interface: YES AphyOS Preload: YES
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